WAGYUMAFIA was founded by self-taught chef-turned-wagyu experts Hisato Hamada and entrepreneur Takafumi Horie. Originally in the beef export business, the brand was created following a series of private dinner pop-ups around the theme of wagyu. The duo later launched their first members-only restaurant, The WAGYUMAFIA Progressive Kaiseki, in Tokyo in 2016.

Our platform

With a mission to educate consumers, restaurateurs and suppliers on authentic Japanese wagyu beef, the WAGYUMAFIA brand is a platform that showcases the dedicated work of Japan’s wagyu farmers which is deeply rooted in history and tradition. Driven by a collaborative spirit, WAGYUMAFIA has embarked on a 50-city world tour, bringing knowledge and expertise into a series of exciting and high-profile chef collaborations, including Spain’s 3-Michelin star Azurmendi, London’s Soho House, Fortnum & Mason and Spago in Los Angeles.


Earning a coveted spot in OAD’s (Opinionated About Dining) list of “Top 100+ Asian Restaurants” in 2018 and 2019, the brand became a global sensation after winning the bid for the world’s most expensive Kobe beef in 2016, which also held the highest fat marbling score in Kobe beef’s recorded history.

Breaking traditions and boundaries, WAGYUMAFIA’s mission to present champion-grade wagyu with pedigreed provenance to the world continues to stir intrigue and surprise with top food critics and international gourmands .


The WAGYUMAFIA brand currently operates seven restaurants internationally, with three member’s only restaurants in Tokyo along with the iconic Cutlet Sandwich shop in Tokyo. The first overseas outlet, WAGYUMAFIA Hong Kong, opened winter 2018.

WAGYUMAFIA continues to spread its mission of bringing authentic wagyu to the world, while introducing unique and innovative culinary experiences that challenge the norm.